Fundo Revive Natureza aims to recover and appreciate public buildings that have been vacant for decades, mostly located in places with natural heritage assets, which have a high potential as tourist attractions, taking into account their original functions, histories and geographical specificities.
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The Fund

Fundo Revive Natureza, created through Decree-Law No. 161/2019 of 25th October, aims at the requalification and appreciation of vacant public buildings, with the aim of making the conservation, recovery and safeguarding of the assets concerned compatible with new ways of using them that benefit local communities, attract new visitors and fix new residents.

Structure, Management and Objectives

Fundo Revive Natureza is an instrument for enhancing the value of the the built and natural heritage and promoting regional development through the revitalisation of activities connected with tourism.

The Fund’s shareholders are the Portuguese State, represented by the Directorate-General for the Treasury and Finance, the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests, I.P. and by Turismo de Portugal, I.P.

The management of the Fund, carried out by TF Turismo Fundos – SGOIC, S.A., pursuant to Ordinance No. 389/2019, of 29th October, aims at the implementation of public policies for regional and local development, which promote:

  • Local job creation
  • The boosting of local economies
  • Contribution to the systematic strengthening of local supply networks
  • The use of local produce
  • The sustainability of the locations in environmental, social and economic terms


Activity and Criteria

The Fund carries out its activity through the integration, as assets, of rights relating to real estate covered by public or private domain regimes of the State, local authorities, public institutes or other entities.

The Fund promotes the granting of property rights to public or private entities, with a view to their upgrading for tourism or other related purposes, generating economic impact on the location or region where they are situated.

The allocation of real estate exploitation rights should take into account the Fund’s objectives and public policies for regional and local development , emphasising the following criteria:

  • Exploitation of real estate by entities with headquarters or residence in the municipalities where the property is located or in the adjacent municipalities
  • Creation of local jobs
  • Social, environmental and innovative features for territorial sustainability
  • Integration into product and experience supply networks in the territories where they are located
  • Other aspects that have a positive impact on the locations where the real estate is situated

Get to know the steps prior to placing Revive Natureza property on the market​

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Support documents

All support documents and the form presenting the bids are in Portuguese.

The documents comprising the bid must also be in Portuguese.

Política de Investimentos

Atribuição de Direitos de Exploração de Imóveis


The real estate properties of the Fund

Watch the video to see some of the properties which will be made available after the Fund starts its activity.