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Here, you will find the answers to FAQs, providing you with a global overview of Fundo Revive Natureza.

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What is "Fundo Revive Natureza" (Revive Natureza Fund)?
Fundo Revive Natureza, created through Decree-Law No. 161/2019, of 25th October, is a means of appreciating the value of built and natural heritage, with the aim of promoting regional development through tourism activities which are able to take advantage of and enhance the unique attributes of each of these spaces without having a negative effect on them.

The Fund aggregates a set of property rights of the State or local authorities, whether in the private domain or covered by public domain regimes, which will manage this network of buildings globally, with each unit being operated by public or private entities, with criteria common to the entire network, namely regarding the use of the brand, consumption of local products, social, economic and environmental sustainability and enhancement of the national territory

What is the entity responsible for managing Fundo Revive Natureza?

The management of the Fund is performed by TF Turismo Fundos – SGFII, S.A., in accordance with the provisions of Ordinance No. 389/2019 of 29th October.

What is Turismo Fundos?

TF Turismo Fundos – SGFII, S.A. is a real estate investment fund management company, which is majority-owned by Turismo de Portugal, I.P., whose purpose is the administration, management and representation of one or more closed or open real estate investment funds. Learn more about Turismo Fundos through the website www.turismofundos.pt

What are the objectives of Fundo Revive Natureza?

The Revive Natureza Fund aims to implement public policies for regional and local development that promote:• Local job creation;

  • The stimulation of the local economy;
  • Contribution to a systematic strengthening of local supply networks;
  • The use of local products;
  • The recovery of real estate covered by the Fund;
  • The sustainability of the areas involved, as regards environmental, social and economic aspects.
Who are the Shareholders of Fundo Revive Natureza?

The shareholders of the Fund are:

  • The Portuguese State, represented by the Directorate-General for Treasury and Finance
  • The Institute for Nature and Forest Conservation, I.P.
  • Turismo de Portugal, I.P.
How does Fundo Revive Natureza carry out its activity?
The Fund carries out its activity through the integration, as assets, of rights relating to real estate covered by public or private domain regimes of the State, local authorities, public institutes or other entities.

In order to continue its activity, the Fund:

  • Promotes the attribution of rights on real estate to public or private entities, with a view to their upgrading for tourism or other related purposes, generating economic impact on the location or region where they are situated;
  • Performs works and promotes urban planning operations relating to real estate, whether public or private, integrated in the Fund, provided that they are useful or necessary to fulfill their objectives effectively, without contradicting the terms of the applicable legal and regulatory rules;
  • Provides financing to entities that are granted the right to exploit the properties. In awarding financing, the Fund shall ensure repayment and remuneration, through real estate guarantees or other legal guarantees, which are deemed adequate and sufficient.
How many properties will be made available?

In the first phase, 43 properties will be made available for sale, located in NUT II of Alentejo, Algarve, Central and Northern Portugal.
The rights to the 53 properties located on vacant land will be integrated into the Fund after agreement with the local communities and the respective formalities for this purpose.

What kind of real estate will be available for sale?
  • Former Posts belonging to the Fiscal Authorities
  • Former Houses of Forest Guards
  • Forest Service Buildings
  • Buildings formerly belonging to Fiscal Guards
  • Former Mills
  • Others
What kind of business can be done with the real estate of the Fund?
Any business directly or indirectly related to tourism, provided that it complies with the criteria to be defined when launching the tenders.
What are the real estate allocation criteria?

The criteria for assigning the rights of exploitation/subconcession of real estate to the entities that will carry out the investment and the exploitation of tourist activity will be defined when the tenders are opened, taking into account the specificities of the region in which they are located, and the following factors are always given special attention:

  • Exploration carried out by entities with headquarters or residence in the municipalities where the property is located or in the adjacent municipalities;
  • Creation of local jobs;
  • Social, environmental and innovative characteristics for the sustainability of the areas involved;
  • Integration into product and experience supply networks in the areas where they operate;
  • Other aspects that show a positive impact on the areas where the properties are located.

For the purpose of granting exploitation/subconcession rights, several properties may be grouped together in the same or adjacent municipalities to promote the creation of integrated projects.

How would the real estate projects be carried out?
The operation of each unit may be developed by public or private entities, with criteria common to the entire network, namely regarding the use of the brand, consumption of local products, social, economic and environmental sustainability and valorisation of the area in which the projects are located.